Parisa, Office Associate at Playworks

N & S has been a dream to work with. I was pretty wary going into it, as the past 2 companies I had just tried were continually dropping the ball, with little to no communication. Changing vendors to N&S was like night and day. They are incredibly quick to respond, do an amazing job, and go above and beyond to help with tasks outside of their usual scope. Some examples include helping us with a move, putting up our halloween decorations (they did a better job than I could have!), various painting projects, and so much more. I can’t tell you how helpful it has been to be able to call on them for help when various projects pop up, rather than hiring additional vendors all of the time. Hire these guys and you will not regret it!

Capella, Capella Space

N&S has been a pleasure to work with. Our space had been under construction when we first moved in & many changes have taken place regarding our needs as a client. N&S has always been flexible with meeting our needs at the time. Any time I reach out they are always quick to respond. If there has ever been a issue of concern, N&S has dealt with it promptly and professionally. They always make it right for the customer. When certain topics of discuss arise that are better to be discuss in person, Jamal and his team are always willing to make time to meet. We know all of their staff members personally who service our building. It makes our staff more comfortable being able to see the same familiar, friendly faces as opposed to different people in and out of the building. Their flexibility when it comes to our last minute requests is truly appreciated. I would highly recommend N&S to any office space looking for a janitorial company. Jamal, Nagi, Abdullah – thank you for all you do to make our space as wonderful as it is!a