Free Estimates with Each Job Call – It Doesn’t Get Better than This!

At N&S Janitorial, we are committed to providing highest quality services without making our clients burn a hole in their pocket. It is for this reason that we have come up with a special offer entitling our prospective customers for free estimates with each job call. We understand that different clients have different needs when it comes to janitorial services. Therefore, to offer our clients unmatched value for their money and peace of mind, we offer free estimate for all types of janitorial projects.

Some of the highlights of our service are:

Prompt Service Delivery

Minimal Turnaround

Immaculate Proficiency

Unmatched Value for Money

Free Estimates with
Each Job Call

Whether you are looking for highly comprehensive commercial cleaning
services or simply need to get your rugs cleaned, you can call our experts for a
free estimate of the cost you would have to incur for satisfying the need.


Free first time deep clean with each new account, up to
$500 of free work

With the value of the currency deteriorating by the day, we all now look for ways to save money on pretty much everything we need. This is the reason we, at N&S Janitorial have come out with a special offer for our esteemed customers that would surely give them another reason to choose us over the others. To give you unmatched value for your money, we are pleased to offer free first time deep clean with each new account, and up to $500 of free service work.

Great Benefits Promising
Unmatched Value for Money

We have formulated this special offer for our customers. However, the free
service offered in no way means that we would be any lenient with our
dedication to delivering unmatched proficiency.


Exceptional results on every janitorial project we undertake

To encapsulate, it would be safe to say that N&S Janitorial is your one-stop-destination for all conceivable janitorial needs.
In case you have any query about our services, please feel free to contact us, and we will be obliged to clear the air.