Superseding the expectations of our clients through the delivery of simply impeccable results

At N&S Janitorial, we are dedicated to superseding the expectations of our clients through the delivery of simply impeccable results. Unlike others, we do not believe in making tall claims, and rather let our work do the talking. With the help of our team of highly skilled cleaning professionals and high-tech service equipment, we complete every job with exemplary proficiency.

We love and take care of our
employees. We call them

We take care of our employees, we never call them employees or janitors,
we always call them operators, they are part of our success, we pay them
handsomely, they are families to us and part of us, we care about them
and they take care of us on the field.
Our Operators get,
• Competitive Pay.
• Unlimited PTO.
• Health Insurance.
• 401(k)Retirement plan.

Why Us

Exemplary Competence

We value every client equally, and ensure
impeccable results on every project we undertake.
Whether you need daily cleaning, weekly,
monthly, you can count on us.

Experienced Employees

Our team of highly efficient and skilled
professionals ensure that the jobs we undertake
are completed with exemplary efficiency and that
too in minimal turnaround time.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

If you are dissatisfied with the cleaning, we will
come back once, twice, even three or four times to
make it right, guaranteeing highest level of
cleaning services.

Complete Peace of Mind

In addition to minimizing your worries by
offering a satisfaction guarantee, we
provide liability and property damage
coverage as well.

Round the Clock Service

We understand that you may need cleaning
services during the wee hours, and hence,
our cleaning professionals are available
round the clock.

We offer a hundred percent
satisfaction guarantee on all
the jobs we undertake

This means that if at all you are unsatisfied with the results of our job, we
would repeat the job without any extra charges till the time you are
completely satisfied with the results. Hence, by choosing us, you will be
certain that the job on hand will be done with immaculacy.

Exceptional results on every janitorial project we undertake

To encapsulate, it would be safe to say that N&S Janitorial is your one-stop-destination for all conceivable janitorial needs.
In case you have any query about our services, please feel free to contact us, and we will be obliged to clear the air.